Chicago Transport Authority Uses Yepic AI to Bring AI Avatars to Chicago

January 31, 2024
Case Studies
A subway train of the Chicago Transport Authority

The Chicago Transport Authority's ambitious initiative to revolutionise its training and development programs marks a significant milestone in enterprise learning, achieved through our collaboration with Yepic AI. Our objective was to create an advanced, web-based AI video creation platform tailored for the CTA's diverse workforce. This platform aligns seamlessly with CTA's existing Articulate 360 software, enhancing their Prepare Observe Assess Respond (POAR) training and refining their overall eLearning strategy.

"Our partnership with CTA has been a journey of innovation and transformation," states Aaron Jones, CEO of Yepic AI. "Providing a dynamic and diverse range of AI avatars and voices, we've enabled CTA to develop professional training videos efficiently, embodying the diversity of their workforce."

Our cutting-edge solution offered CTA unlimited video creation, over 140 diverse AI avatars, and access to a vast array of synthetic voices in 120 languages. Importantly, the platform's integration allowed for the generation of comprehensive training scenes, crucial for the immersive eLearning experience, along with dedicated support from our customer teams
The result was a significant reduction in the production lifecycle of training modules – from weeks to mere minutes. This efficiency translated into substantial cost savings and a streamlined training process, empowering CTA to develop and deploy eLearning courses rapidly. By harnessing the power of AI, Yepic AI has not only fulfilled the immediate needs of the CTA but has also laid the groundwork for a future where eLearning is more accessible, engaging, and representative of the real-world workforce.

As Yepic AI continues to pioneer in the realm of AI-driven eLearning solutions, our experience with the Chicago Transport Authority stands as a testament to the potential of AI in reshaping organizational training. We look forward to further collaborations that push the boundaries of what's possible in eLearning and workforce development.