Double Acquisition Rates & Retain Donors

With automated video personalisation, that dream is now a reality.

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Automated Video Personalisation

Giving dedicated thank you videos to donors is now a possibility.

Our solution makes video affordable by automating the video production process - no filming or editing needed! Send personalised videos at the click of a button!

Breakthrough Technology

This technology has never been available to fundraisers before.

We transform a short video of a real person into a life-like 3D model, aka a ‘synthetic actor’, using AI and machine learning. From there, no video recording is needed. It’s so lifelike, we challenge you to notice the difference!

Speak Your Donor's Language

Subtitles no more.

Have your video automatically translated into another language. We alter the mouth movement of the video's protagonist to match the new speech patterns.

Personalisation Increases Conversions

Increase donations between 202% and 760%.

Hubspot found personalised calls to action (phrases like “donate now”) are 202% more effective than non-personalised versions whilst email marketers found personalisation to increase revenue by 760%. Most marketers see personalisation as their No. 1 priority - and any smart fundraiser should too!


Marketers report a 760% increase in email revenue from personalised and segmented campaigns

Campaign Monitor


Personalised calls to action convert 202% better than default or standard calls to action



51% of marketers say personalisation is their top priority


Personalisation Increases Loyalty

Millennials are 28% more likely to be donors next year when exposed to personalisation.

It's not just millennials who like to be treated as individuals, 90% feel warmer to brands who use personalisation and 63% of donors will be considering jumping ship if you don't.


90% of U.S. consumers find marketing personalisation very or somewhat appealing



63% of consumers will stop buying from brands that use poor personalisation tactics

Smart Insight


Millennial brand loyalty increases by 28% if they receive personalised communication


Donors rarely leave because they completely lack funds or no longer believe that your cause is important; 13% of the time they feel that they weren’t adequately thanked and 18% of the time it’s just because of poor communication.

Raise an Extra £2.5m
by Reducing Attrition by 1%

Raise £££'s through small increases in retention.

A charity with over £100m in revenue typically gets 47% of income from the public. For these charities, reducing donor attrition by 1% would raise £2.54m over 5 years. No matter what your size, greater investment in donor retention pays dividends.

Retaining donors has hidden financial benefits.

Longer-term donors donate higher monthly amounts, refer new donors, and are stronger advocates. Furthermore, many charities start targeting donors for in-memoriam donations around the 5 year mark. With legacies increasing 10% year on year, this is an especially good reason to retain donors.

Institute of Fundraising

There's a 94% retention rate in the commercial world compared with just 41% in ours


Very large charities derive 47% of income from individuals, against a 45% industry average


Proportion of over-50s considering leaving legacies rises by 10% in a year

Donors Love Video

Video is consistently proven to be the most engaging and highly converting medium.

Despite the meteoric rise of video, many charities don't have the budget or resources in house to create well produced videos. With our solution, you don't have to.


Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined

G2 Crowd


Including a video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80%



52% of marketers say video is the type of content with the best ROI


Use Cases

Raise Acquisitions
In a two step acquisition campaign, send an automated personalised video to potential regular donors, with a recipient of your charity’s funding directly addressing the one-time donor by name to say thank you - increasing acquisition rates.

Increase Retention
Personally thank your existing donors on your database with a personalised thank you video from your CEO, highlighting how much they've raised and what their donations contributed to.

Save Money
Statistics quickly go out of date. Have a video that can be updated without refilming - saving your team time and money.

"As a former fundraiser and marketer, I know how small differences in approach can make a big impact on results. Video personalisation brings a huge opportunity to the third sector. You're limited only by your imagination"
William Jones - Marketing Manager and former State Campaign Manager

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