August 8, 2023
Logo of Yepic API

Yepic’s API is the world’s first scalable infrastructure for AI-driven synthetic video creation.

Synthetic media is the future of content creation. AI video generation lets users quickly produce professional videos, saving money on actors, camera equipment, and studios. Our API also allows for the creation of high-quality audio with no audio expertise needed.

Our API marks a major milestone in video automation and allows businesses to not only automate video workflows at scale, but also allows them to integrate Yepic’s AI text to video capabilities into their product and offer video creation services to their users. 

API for Personalisation

Personalisation has been proven to increase engagement, sales, and brand loyalty. Use our API to create dynamic content and personalise at scale. Use an avatar of your choice, including custom avatars, to put your brand firmly at the heart of segmented and personalised video content - or allow software users create their own personalised content. 

API for Language

Speak your customer’s language with Yepic’s API. Localise your content with 70+ languages and 100+ dialects to choose from. Access new markets with dynamic AI avatars that can build connection with leads like never before.

Whether you’re using our AI avatars for your own use, or giving users the latest video creation and editing capabilities, we’re confident that our API can integrate with your workflows to supercharge your video experience. 


  • Turn any text or voiceover into video in minutes
  • 40+ Talking photo avatars
  • Avatars are royalty-free
  • 5 digital avatars
  • 50+ languages
  • 380+ voices
  • Scale without the need for additional infrastructure
  • Versioning and personalisation of content programmatically (coming soon)
  • Create stunning audio (speech plus sound designs) in seconds (coming soon)
  • 50+ sound effects and 100+ sound designs (coming soon)


Yepic API documentation is available here.

Callable API endpoints




Metadata & Sample Data

Contact us at team@yepic.ai to get started and receive your API key. We’re here to answer all your questions regarding our API.