Content Moderation Process & Expected Rendering Times

August 8, 2023
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Video Production Process

Before we begin, it’s helpful to understand a quick summary of the video production process. 

When you click ‘Create Video’, your video will first be checked to see if it meets our Ethics & Content Policy. We use an automatic content moderation filter that flags content that may be against our Ethics & Content Policy, while approving other videos. Flagged videos are highlighted to our team who then manually review a video and approve it if it has been incorrectly flagged. The first video you produce is usually reviewed manually. Our team works 10:00-18:00 GMT Monday to Friday. If your video is flagged for moderation outside of office hours, this may extend the time needed to approve your video. Once a video is approved, your video enters a queue to be rendered. 

How Long Should My Video Take to Render?

Certain plans get priority in the video production queue. Premium users get priority over Standard users, while Standard users get priority over Starter plan users. See our target rendering times below:

  • Premium Plan users: <10-20 minutes
  • Standard Plan users: <15-25 minutes
  • Special Plan users: <1 hour
  • Starter Plan users: <24 hours

We expect 90% of videos on each plan to be rendered according to the timescales above. As a general rule, shorter videos tend to be rendered quicker than longer videos. 

Please note, we are currently improving our existing infrastructure and adding ten times more rendering capacity, so we can expect further reductions in render time in the near future.

Has my Video Been Flagged for Content Moderation?

Click ‘My Videos’ to find your ‘Video Gallery’. Find the video placeholder for the video you requested and look at the video details on the right. Here you can find if you’re having a content moderation issue. If it has yet to go through our content moderation filter, the ‘moderation status’ will be marked as pending. If it has been approved, it will state; “Moderation status: Accepted”. If your video has been flagged, then it will be marked as in review we’ll review it during our UK office hours.

Screenshot of what your dashboard looks like when an AI video has passed our content moderation status.

Why Has my Video Been Flagged for Content Moderation?

Our content moderation filter matches video request scripts and voiceovers with a list of terms and phrases that may indicate that your content is of a discriminatory, sexual, hateful, criminal or political nature, as per our Ethics & Content Policy. 

We’re aware that our content moderation filter is not perfect. Developing a system that highlights all relevant content, while consistently approving all compliant content, would be a challenge in one language, let alone in 65+ languages.

While we’re sorry if your video is incorrectly flagged, we’re also confident that you understand why it’s important that the actors we worked with, who were the visual basis of our digital avatars, aren’t associated with activities that could bring them into disrepute. 

My Video is Taking a Long Time. What do I do?

If your video has taken more than 30 minutes to be created, and has taken longer than your plan’s targeted render time (see above), then please follow these steps:

  1. Check if your video has been flagged for content moderation (see ‘How Long Should My Video Take to Render?’ section above). If it has, we’ll review your video during our UK office hours (M-F 10:00-18:00 GMT).
  2. If you still haven’t resolved your issue, please contact support. We’ll be able to help find out why your video is delayed.