Custom Avatars

August 8, 2023
A photo of a person in front of a green screen.

What are Custom Avatars? 

Yepic AI provides you with a wide range of avatars and Talking Photos that you can choose from. However, we also offer to make custom avatars (a digital representation of you or a fellow employee) that you can use to make videos in Yepic Studio and via our API. 

There may be a number of reasons why you wish to create a custom avatar. As a CEO, it offers a great way to connect with clients and employees on a more personal level, without manually recording each video. For smaller businesses, such as content creators in the e-learning space, you may be the face of your brand. No matter what your use case is, custom avatars offer a convenient way to make videos with a familiar face. 

How Closely Do Custom Avatars Resemble Real People?

Custom avatars are made using the same method as the digital avatars currently used on our site and will be of comparable quality. Your custom avatar will benefit from updates to the AI models that drive our avatars, so as you see our digital avatars improve, you can expect your custom avatar to be ever more life-like too.

The better quality video footage you provide during the custom avatar creation process, the better quality you can expect your custom avatar to be.

How Does Yepic Create Custom Avatars? 

Yepic Studio uses cutting-edge machine learning technologies, such as generative adversarial networks, to create avatars. We map your facial movements, using video footage you provide, to make an avatar that not only looks like you, but also shares your mannerisms and expressions. 

Although we offer custom avatars, we do not offer custom voice cloning. You can use the custom voiceover option to match your custom avatar with your voice within Yepic Studio. Alternatively, we can signpost you to trusted third parties who can clone your voice.

How Much Do Custom Avatars Cost?

Custom Avatars are a premium product and, at time of writing, cost a one-off set up fee of £999. You’ll get to keep your custom avatar with no extra costs for as long as your account is active. Please note, custom avatars are very expensive for us to make, due to both the very high GPU costs that are integral to create them and the fact that custom avatar creation takes a lot of staff time. For these reasons, we are unable to give refunds for custom avatars once we’ve started work on them. Custom avatars will be of similar quality to avatars you see in Yepic Studio.

Is There Another Way I Can Animate My Face?

In addition to custom avatars, we are currently working on allowing you to animate photos you upload as part of the Talking Photos feature. This may be a more affordable way for smaller businesses to animate a face. As per our Ethics and Content Policy, please remember that users are not allowed to animate another person’s face without permission. If creating a custom avatar, we will require video consent from the person whose image we will use. For updates on Talking Photos, please check the roadmap, or get in touch with us.

How Do I Get a Custom Avatar? 

Make sure you have purchased a custom avatar, or have one included in your plan. Premium Annual users receive a custom avatar for free and can contact support to start the custom avatar process. You can purchase a custom avatar here.

Once you have purchased your avatar, please follow these steps to get it to you as quickly as possible: 

  1. Input your name and registered email into this form
  2. Sign our non-disclosure agreement (NDA) sent to you via email
  3. Watch/read the training materials (sent after NDA is signed)
  4. Record yourself reading the sent scripts
  5. Send the recordings back to us by email.
  6. Wait for us to do our magic. 

The process, from application to delivery, typically takes at least one month to complete. You can get in contact with support to find out current wait times. Please also get in contact with support if you have any further questions or requests.