Ethics & Content Policy

August 8, 2023
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Yepic AI is at the forefront of technological innovation in the synthetic media industry. We believe synthetic media is a force for good and are committed to actively working with the broader ecosystem to develop best practice. 

Ethics isn’t an add-on at Yepic, it’s a thread that runs through everything we do. This allows us to achieve our mission, to connect people through shared language, in a responsible way. Yepic moderates every video in accordance with our Ethics and Content Policy. We also ask that our users follow some basic principles to ensure that our technology exclusively benefits society. 

What Content Can Users Produce?

Our technology should be used in a positive manner for commercial or charitable use. Requested video content that is discriminatory, hateful, or illegal will not be rendered. We also do not produce content of a sexual or political nature. Our digital avatars are based on the visual representation of real actors. We therefore cannot allow content to be produced that may bring these individuals into disrepute. 

As part of the sign up process, every user agrees to our content guidelines:

“Content of a discriminatory, sexual, hateful, criminal or political nature will not be generated. Users trying to make such videos will be banned from the platform. This includes audio previews, uploaded images and AI-generated content prompts using Open AI protocols such as DALL-E. We further reserve the right to ban or suspend users who use Yepic-generated content alongside content of a discriminatory, sexual, hateful, criminal or political nature”.

We operate a content moderation process that flags content that is against our content policy. To learn more about the content moderation process, and what to do if your video has been flagged, please read Content Moderation Process & Expected Rendering Times.

How Does Yepic Stop Misrepresentation & Misinformation?

Deepfakes and other deep-learning technologies are positively transforming society, from education to entertainment. However, we’re aware that some bad actors have used deepfakes to misrepresent others. 

Our users are banned from using our platform for misrepresentation or misinformation. 

We minimise the opportunity for users to misrepresent and misinform in two ways. First, we refuse to produce custom avatars of people without their express permission. This is why we require video consent from people who wish to receive a custom avatar. Second, as part of our content policy, we do not allow content of a political nature and will reject content requests where we believe users are intentionally misrepresenting or misinforming. Users who engage in misrepresentation and misinformation may be banned from our platform.

How Does Yepic Keep Data Secure?

As a UK-headquartered company, we are bound by the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR), which mimics the EU’s better known GDPR legislation. GDPR gives consumers a number of rights, such as the right to have data deleted, as well as placing responsibilities on companies to keep data secure and safe. We follow best data practices to keep your data safe and free from harm, whether that’s keeping data encrypted, minimising access to data, deleting data we no longer need, or ensuring our systems are protected from hackers. 

We use customer data sparingly and responsibly, in a manner accordant with the permissions granted upon data collection. We will never animate custom avatars or sell data to third parties without a user’s permission.