Languages & Voices

August 8, 2023
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Create Videos in Multiple Languages

Creating multilingual content is a great way to enter new markets, engage under-engaged non-English-speaking customers, and create interesting new lead gen opportunities. Only 6% are native English speakers and only a quarter of the world’s population can speak English conversationally. 

With Yepic Studio, you can now create videos in 68 languages in minutes, helping you to speak you customer’s language and localise content. 

We also offer a range of dialects and accents. For example, as part of our English-language offering, we offer Indian-English, Nigerian-English, and Filipino-English voices! We offer 14 varieties of Arabic, 19 varieties of Spanish, and different dialects for Tamil, Urdu, Swahili, German, Portuguese, Chinese, French, and many more languages! 

Find our current list of languages by visiting our voices page

We’re always adding new languages, but if there’s any language you feel we’re missing, add a suggestion to our roadmap under the ‘ideas’ tab.

400+ AI Voices to Choose From

We source our voices from the world-leaders in AI voice production. Voice providers at time of writing include, Cerevoice, VOCALiD, IBM, Azure Voice, MSNR, Google, Amazon Polly, and Deepzen.

Many AI voices now mimic the natural cadence of authentic speech and it’s becoming increasingly hard to tell the difference between an AI voice and a human voice.‍

As the world’s best AI voices come at a (per video) cost to us, users on a free plan, such as the Starter Plan, may see a more limited range of voice options compared to our paid plans. Standard and Premium plan customers have full access to all our premium voice integrations.‍‍

A Tone For Every Use Case

The technology behind voice production is improving all the time and Yepic Studio customers are some of the first to witness the latest generation of AI voices.

Within our library you will be able to find a tone of voice for a variety of use cases:‍

  • Professional / Informative - for the corporate or enterprise video where you sound professional and communicate clearly
  • Light-hearted/ Upbeat - for friendly videos where you want to get the message across in a jovial manner
  • Deep / Low-pitched - for videos that convey a story where the voice doesn’t take away from the message
  • Serious / Formal - for those videos that cover a serious topic and need to be conveyed clearly
  • Conversational / Casual - for videos that require an easy, conversational style of chatting
  • Motivating / Inspired - for uplifting videos that stimulate motivation
  • Respectful / Reverent - for serious videos with an emotional and heavy touch

Click the preview button by a voice in the Studio to hear what tone the selected voice is designed to have.