Talking Photos

August 8, 2023
Photos of people with a cursor on top

What are Talking Photos?

Talking Photos is a new feature that gives you additional options when choosing a presenter for your video. In Version 1, we’ve added dozens of new faces that can present your text in circle backgrounds. In future versions, you will be able to make videos from uploaded photos.

How are Talking Photos Different to Regular Digital Avatars?

Talking Photos are faster to render than regular digital avatars and are more expressive. It's also simpler for us to create Talking Photo avatars than our traditional digital avatars, so we can add avatars more quickly. This allows you to have a greater diversity of presenters and helps you to localise content. While current functionality is similar to regular digital avatars, planned updates will expand Talking Photos features significantly. 

How will Talking Photos evolve?

We’ve planned a number of releases that will deepen and broaden the Talking Photos current capabilities. From Autumn 2022, users will be able to upload their own images and the photo frame will be expanded to include chest and shoulders. You'll soon also have improved head motions and different styles of Talking Photos. In subsequent months, we will allow users to design their own character, change clothing, and more.

Do I Get Access to Talking Photos?

Standard and Premium plan users will have full access to Talking Photos. Starter Plan users will have access to 2 Talking Photos avatars, but will not be able to upload custom faces to animate. For those on older plans, please get in touch. 

Anything Else I Should Know?

Talking Photos comes with all the benefits and features of Yepic AI that you are accustomed to. It’s available in over 68 languages with our growing selection of 400+ voices.