Video Licence / Commercial Rights

August 8, 2023
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Yepic-generated videos come with varying levels of commercial rights, depending on both the Yepic Studio user’s plan and whether the avatar is a digital representation of the Yepic Studio user or a pre-made digital avatar (a representation of a real person).

Videos Featuring You

Full commercial rights are given to videos where the presenter represents your image. This includes custom avatars and uploaded photos of you that are subsequently animated using Yepic Studio. 

Videos Featuring Our Digital Avatars & Talking Photos

Commercial usage rights for Yepic-generated videos are available on all our monthly and annually-recurring subscriptions (such as our Standard and Premium plans). Commercial rights for free or one-time-payment plans (e.g. Starter plan, free trials, and lifetime deal plans) are limited to internal use and non-paid video placements online. If you do not have commercial rights with your plan, you may be able to buy commercial rights as an add-on. 

Why aren’t full commercial rights allowed on all videos and plans?

Our digital avatars are based on real actors. In our original agreement, we agreed to not allow videos to be used for paid-marketing to overcome the concern of some of our actors that their face may appear on a large national advertising campaign without their knowledge. In 2022, we began renewing our agreements with actors and ensured that our users had the option of owning commercial rights to their videos. As we need to pay royalty fees, we can only offer commercial rights to those on regular paid plans.

As stated previously, when the Yepic video is based on your image, and not an actor’s, we offer full commercial rights for that video, regardless of your plan.

What is meant by ‘non-paid video placement online’?

For clarification, ‘internal use and non-paid video placements online’ may include using Yepic videos on e-learning sites, chatbots, social media, internal communications, e-commerce sites, and other places where you can host a video for free. For example, a Yepic video hosted on a Facebook page would ordinarily be a ‘non-paid video placement’, but if you paid Facebook ads to disseminate your video, this would be a ‘paid video placement’. 

Can I sell videos I create using Yepic Studio?

Customers are free to sell their videos, but please be aware that all videos will still need to adhere to our policies.

I need commercial rights, but my plan doesn’t allow it. What can I do?

Please get in touch with customer support if you want to add commercial rights to your plan, or wish to clarify what commercial rights come with your plan.