7 Reasons Why Video Is More Effective Than Text

Published on
June 22, 2022
May 16, 2022

Comparing video to text may seem like it has a simple winner (and it does) but why? Why do companies and their customers alike prefer information to be shared through videos instead of large walls of text?

The question seems to answer itself but in this article, we’ll talk about some of the outlining reasons videos perform so much better than text, especially from a business point of view.

1. Video content is impactful

Video content is a great way to pack as much or even more information than text can, given the same timeframe. So, it’s likely that watching a 1-minute video will be more impactful to the viewer than if they were to read 1 minute of text. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words so just imagine how many words a video is worth.

We are also used to getting information visually in our daily lives, whether you’re on your morning walk or watching your favourite sports team. In fact, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

2. Videos are engaging

Users are more likely to engage with video content rather than text. This is because videos evoke more emotion and elicit stronger responses from viewers as well as providing them with a better understanding of your content.

Text can only portray so much before your audience loses interest, preventing them from engaging at all. Videos on the other hand can make use of an array of tools such as visual and auditory cues to get a message across. It’s also easier to create personalised videos tailored to your niche and target audience.

This overall increase in engagement can result in an increase of actions taken by your audience whether they share, like, comment or even ultimately engage with your product.

3. Videos are easy to make

When you think of traditional video production, you think about a range of complicated requirements including a crew, expensive equipment, and hundreds of hours of time.

Fortunately, with new advancements in the video creation industry you can create your own videos within minutes and at a fraction of the cost. Videos can now be even faster to create than writing large walls of text. There is an abundance of video creation software available with a wide range of features that can help you make videos to meet your requirements.

For example, Yepic AI lets you create custom AI generated videos from plain text using digital avatars. You just provide a text script and one of our digital avatars will present your script in a professional video, all within minutes. Yepic AI also supports multi-language so you can make your videos across multiple languages.


4. Videos captivate audiences

The longer your audience stays on your webpage the higher the chance that they engage with your content and videos are a proven way to keep your viewers on your website for longer. When a user is watching a video on your webpage, they are likely to view around the page and are more likely to see something that can interest the viewer. So, using videos to keep your users on your site can be a powerful way to increase user action.

5. Videos increase traffic to your site

Video content is becoming an increasingly important factor in website SEO making it an advantageous way to rank your website higher in searches. Sites that contain videos tend to rank higher than sites with only text and since video content is growing at such a quick rate its effect on SEO will only grow too.

Videos are also more likely to be shared by viewers which also causes an increase in traffic for your website. This all results in higher search engine rankings just by adding videos to your site.

6. Videos are more memorable

Most people learn better with visual information compared to text which is why video is a powerful educational tool. Videos allow viewers to retain most of the information conveyed which both keeps your audience entertained as well as keeping your content (and products) in their memory.

Making your business or website more memorable to users is an effective way to increase your user base and draw people back in who may need your service or product in the future. It’s essentially free advertising.

7. Videos attract attention

Adding videos to your webpages can improve the overall look of your website and grab the attention of users more effectively. When you scroll through a site, especially one full of text, a video will stand out and get your attention much quicker than other media.

So, if you make use of captivating cover photos and video thumbnails, you can attract more users to open and stay on your webpages for a longer time. If a video automatically starts playing when a site is opened it attracts even more attention since the human eye is attracted to movement.


Are You Ready to Start Utilizing the Power of Videos?

Information is powerful and the medium used to share it is almost as important as the information itself. Whether you want to improve your search ranking, brand memorability or customer engagement, videos are the perfect way to improve your business.

So, with all the advantages of using video over text, why not get started with Yepic AI and create professional videos from text within minutes.