How To Get A Custom Avatar

Published on
June 22, 2022
May 3, 2022

How To Get A Custom Avatar

Yepic AI provides you with a range of avatars that you can choose from on our website but you can also get a custom avatar made to be used in Yepics AI Generated videos.

Custom avatars are a premium product that provides you with a digital representation of yourself (or a fellow employee). This is a great way to connect with clients and employees on a more personal level.

How It Works

Once you have provided us with the necessary resources (see below), we (our incredibly talented tech team) use cutting-edge computer technology to create a visual representation of you.

We then map your lip and facial movements to this representation of you using even more cutting-edge computer vision technology and voilĂ , a natural-looking avatar made in your likeness.

How Do I Get One?

Certain plans have a custom avatar included, however, the majority of customers will be required to purchase one separately. You can view and purchase a custom avatar via this link: Custom Avatar - Yepic AI

Once you have purchased your avatar, please follow these steps to get it to you as quickly as possible:

  1. Input your name and email into the form that can be found here:
  2. Sign our non-disclosure agreement, this will be sent to you once you have inputted your details into the form above.
  3. Watch/read the training materials (sent after the NDA is signed as part of the Custom Avatar Pack)
  4. Record yourself reading the scripts (also provided)
  5. Send the recordings back to us.
  6. Wait for us to do our magic.

Please note, creating a custom avatar is not an instant process. It takes a lot of time to create your custom avatar and there is currently a 4-week plus wait time. Please be patient as we process these.

Please also note that custom avatars are very expensive for us to create - both because of crazy computing costs and because we need to make them manually. Therefore, if you have a custom avatar made, we cannot provide a refund.