Uploading A Custom Voiceover

Published on
June 22, 2022
April 7, 2022

With Yepic AI, you have a range of voices and languages to choose from within the studio but you can also import your own voiceover to be used as the avatar voice instead.

The voiceover feature also supports lip sync meaning that the avatar’s lips will automatically sync with the voiceover audio that you provide, just like it would with the Yepic AI voices.

In this article, we’ll show you how to provide your own voiceover audio to be used in your text-to-video content.

Do I Need to Use a script?

No, when uploading your own audio file to be used as a voiceover, you should leave the script field blank. You do however need to still give your video a name, so don’t forget to fill in the Video Name field just as shown in the image above.

Recording your audio

The first step to using your own voiceover is to record your audio. You can do this with any basic voice recording software most of which are available for free, you most likely have one on your phone or laptop already.

When recording your audio, make sure that the surrounding noise is minimal and that only one person is speaking in the recording. This will produce the optimum results for your custom voiceover in your AI video and make it look as realistic and natural as possible.

Uploading your Audio

After you have recorded your audio and you are satisfied with the result, it is time to upload the file to Yepic Studio so it can be used for your digital video. 

In the Yepic Studio, scroll down to the ‘Select Voice’ section and click the ‘Upload Voiceover’ tab as shown in the image above. Here you will be able to upload your own audio file from your device by clicking the ‘Upload Audio’ button.

Create Video

Once you have uploaded your audio file and double checked that you are happy with your video design, you can finally create your AI generated video. So click the Create Video button and leave the rest to us.