Using The Dashboard

Published on
June 22, 2022
March 9, 2022

The Yepic AI dashboard is a bespoke webpage that allows each user to view their account details.  Namely, customers are able to view their monthly credits, their membership details and their rewards section.

To access your dashboard, click the purple ‘Dashboard’ button on the top right of the Yepic site.

My Account

Your Account section displays your membership details and what your current plan entitles you to. For example, you can see how many video credits you receive each month or what other features you can use at no extra charge.

Video Credits

The video credits section shows you your total monthly credits as well as any bonus credits you might receive. It also shows the number of credits you currently have available for the month. This number will update after each video you create.

Each minute of AI video you create using Yepic Studio costs 1 video credit. So if you make a 3 minute video, you use 3 credits.

Get Extra Credits

In your dashboard you’ll see that you can get extra monthly video credits for free. All you have to do is leave a review for Yepic AI on either Trustpilot or G2. You can then redeem your credits by clicking on the redeem button and showing us where you have left the review. 

Video Gallery

To access your video gallery, click the ‘My Videos’ button under the welcome video, this will open your video gallery where you can view all of your previously created videos as well as their respective details such as the script, length and size of the video.

Downloading Your Created Videos

In your video gallery you can also download your created videos to your own device so you can begin using them however you like. To download a video, just click the download icon as highlighted in the image above and you’ll receive a mp4 file of your video.