Instantly turn text into
professional video for

Without the need for cameras, actors or crew

Backed by Top VC & Accelerators

How you can save hours every month

Three simple steps to a professional video

Choose an AI presenter

Pick your presenter from a growing and diverse number of digital avatars

Hello, I’m Anna and I’ll be your teacher for today’s course in marketing on social. The first tip we’re giving today is that you need

Type your script

Type or paste a script, then pick a voice

Get your video

In less than an hour (normally 10-15 mins), get your video, edit your video and more.

For every kind of business

Watch examples of how AI video can power any kind of business

Used by 500+ Companies of all Sizes

Video for all your business needs

Current features include; backgrounds, custom backgrounds, custom voiceovers, a range of premium AI text-to-speech voices (Microsoft Azure & other providers).

Using our API, you can create mass video personalisation campaigns (available next month). 🙌 Your success is ours!

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Use one of our Digital Avatars or create your own

Create videos with our range of Digital Avatars or create a custom avatar.* All LTD users will get access to every new avatar. 😊

**UPDATE** Talking Photos** allows you to upload and animate your photo instantly.. no avatar creation required.

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*Business Plus & Ultimate Plan
** Only Business, Plus and Ultimate.

Create video for all your business needs

Remove the language barrier and engage local markets and divisions with native video content. Rollout planned January 2022. (in progress)

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Video Personalisation @Scale

Highlight words and connect them to your CMR to replace things like names and companies. Once you’re happy, automate videos for your entire database. This is coming in the next Q2 release.

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Roadmap Guarantee

A team you can trust

If we don't deliver on anything promised on this page and any customer service channel during the next 6 months, we will give you a refund at any time (screen shot this). We are very confident in our ability to execute, and we are also friendly. You can visit us every other month in Kings cross (Leeke St Office) on our open days or join us on Discord for all the latest updates.

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Create videos in minutes, not months.

No film crews, studios, actors or cameras. 1 hour Guarantee for LTD users no matter how many videos you request*

*API rate limits apply

Create professional videos in minutes

See the overview of some of the features currently available in Yepic Studio

Text to video

Bring text to life with professional-looking video in minutes. Videos can be up to 1 minutes long. (5-10 min videos coming soon)

Custom Avatars

Create your own avatars today. 1 avatar included with Premium Annual Plan

Custom Voiceover

Upload custom voiceovers and watch an avatar narrate with your voice.

Minutes not Months

Create videos fast, text-to-video in 5-15 mins. This will become significantly faster in the coming months.

Update video content

Easily, update scripts, duplicate videos and swap actors/voices.
Coming to all users Q2 2022

Custom backgrounds

Use custom backgrounds in your videos. The Ideal resolution is 1920x1080. Video support coming soon.

Custom Voices

Create your own custom voices today. Prices start from £100, get in touch to find out more.

Video sharing pages

Share your videos via a purpose built video sharing page. Easily share the video with your colleagues or clients.

MP4 downloads

Download all your videos in Full HD (1920x1080).

Plans and Features

Deal Terms

  • Lifetime access to Yepic Studio Standard Plan
  • All future Standard Plan updates
  • Some professional features like custom audio + video backgrounds
  • Up to 25-50% discount on Add-ons
  • GDPR compliant
  • Offer available to all users.
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Upgrade (During May ONLY)

Features Included In All Plans

  • Growing TTS Voice Library (We will be adding lots more)
  • Growing Avatar Library
  • Upload Custom Backgrounds
  • Upload Custom Audio Voiceovers
  • 1 hour Render Guarantee (15 min guarantee soon)
  • Multi Language
  • Personalisation (Q1 2022)

Buy The Right Tier


For business owners getting started with video
One Time Payment
$135 - Pay in USD
Lifetime includes
10 video Credits/Month
All Avatars
Remove Yepic Branding
Buy NowSplit Pay Available


For video outreach and prospecting
One Time Payment
$399 - Pay in USD
Lifetime includes
60 Credits/Month
2 users (when supported)
Talking Photos
Buy NowSplit Pay Available


For business owners looking to take video production to the next level
One Time Payment
$699 - Pay in USD
Lifetime includes
75 Credits/Month
Talking Photos
Create API (Q1 )
4 users (when supported)
Buy NowSplit Pay Available


For agency owners looking to make videos for clients
One Time Payment
$999 - Pay in USD
Lifetime includes
250 Credits/Month
1 Custom Avatar Included
7 Users (when supported)
Buy NowSplit Pay Available

LTD Customers will be eligible for a life time discount

Video Credits (you get an extra 25% off)

  • 1-50 - $3 per video credit
  • 51-100 - $2 per video credit
  • 101-500 - $1 per video credit
  • 501-2000 $0.75 per video credit
  • 2001-10,000 - $0.50 per video credit

Premium Voices

  • Vocal ID - (coming soon)
  • Resemble - (Coming soon)
  • Lovo Voices - (Coming soon)

Avatars (you get an extra 50% off)

  • Discount applies to base price and may change from time to time (we anticipate the price coming down SIGNIFICANTLY)

The top reasons why you should buy this LTD

Reason #1

With Yepic Studio, you can create professional-looking videos without actors, studios, lights or cameras. We are venture backed and not going anywhere.

Reason #2

In our V2 product, you can edit videos after you film them, you can also swap backgrounds, voices and even actors at the click of a button.

Reason #3

We have a huge number of features being launched such as templates, personalisation, API access, stock images/videos, time line video editor. You will get access to all future updates*

* Some features like API require the business package and above.

Compare LTD to Monthly Package

General Features

Number of videos
Download in mp4 HD 
Removal of Yepic branding on videos
Video share pages

Video Features

Text to video
Multi language videos
Video Templates
Multilingual avatars
Custom avatars
Render Speed


Upload background images
Upload background video
Access to stock video library (coming soon)
Access to stock Image library (coming soon)
Access to stock music library (coming soon)
Upload custom audio


Yepic video chatbot
2000+ integrations via Zapier
API Access


Users, teams, permissions management 
White label share page
Share pages
Team templates  

LTD - Solopreneur

One off payment
Get Deal
via API
coming soon
1 Hour
We will reduce this once our new infrastrure goes live
In V2
12 English Voices
62 Multi language voices
20+ English coming soon
Custom work
Coming Q2
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Business+ and above
Business+ and above
Business+ and above
Business+ and above


per user / month
Pay Monthly
via API
coming soon
10 Mins
22 English Voices
62 Multilanguage voices via API
Custom work
Coming Q2
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
In Beta

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