Personalised Video is Hard

We all know video works, but developing a high quality campaign is expensive and slow. Most dynamic video tools only allow you to layer text or pre-made content which often looks cheap and gimmicky.

To create truly personalised video you need to film every possible scenario and then dynamically edit them. This is expensive.

What if there was a way to generate each scenario instantly from a script, without actors, film crews, sound or studios?

Introducing Yepic

AI Generated Video

Using Artificial Intelligence (yes it's real), we have developed the U-bomb of personalised marketing.

An end-to-end template based video solution for generating personalised video at scale.

Yepic was built by scientists but designed by marketers with you in mind.

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Video Generation From Audio & Text

Our A.I. technology can seamlessly replace any word or phrase with an generated variation allowing you to reach everyone personally.

You can generate any video based on any data, like name or company, in any language.

Think Mail Merge for Video!

Increase Engagement

Very few messages grab your attention like a real person addressing you by name and until now this wasn't digitally possible. Yepic's unique solution enables one to one video messaging at scale without losing the human touch.

Save Time & Money

Sitting in front of a camera does not come naturally to most, but if you're building an organisation; it's essential. Creating video can also be slow and expensive. After writing a script you will need cameras, lights, sound and whoever will appear in your video.

At Yepic, with only a f
ew minutes of video, we can turn your scripts into video, in any language on demand. Our technology creates lip movements, expressions and even head gestures from sound/text within a computer program. You can even add or remove expressions.

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How it works

You can use our own actor or choose a synthetic actor from our marketplace.
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Film a template video and highlight what you want to change. These are your data points.  If your using your own actor, we require video consent before we synthesise an actor. Alternatively check out our digital actors marketplace and start generating right away.

Creating Video
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In just 48 hours our AI magic will create your digital actor and video templates. Login to Yepic Studio where you can edit data points, add data sources and animate your actors. Once your happy you can start generating videos or activate API access.

Yepic Studio


Add a data source or send data over API and see our AI magic at work. Inside Yepic Studio you can also select new models, swap voices and create longer format video.

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Edit and fine tune your content in Yepic Studio
Yepic Studio