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Yepic studio uses AI to generate video from text or audio files without the presence of an Actor, film crew, sound or post-production. The results are photo realistic and almost indistinguishable from real video. You can even inject and edit expressions in post production.

How it works

Step 1


Select a model and choose a voice. If your using your own actor, you will need to have them synthesized. You will also need to create a video template (script) and highlight data points you want to edit.

Step 2


Send your script or template video for approval and attach a data source. After approval you will now be able to start generating videos in our platform or via API. You can read more about our approval process here.

Step 3


Have you ever wanted to edit how someone delivered a line? With Yepic Studio you can inject and edit expressions. More happiness? Less joy? No problem - your the director.

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Frequently Asked

How are you different to any other video personalisation tool?

Text overlays on a cup or bus are nice but it’s been done a billion times. The alternative is to record hundreds of personalised video clips, tag them and hope they edit well. This approach is not scalable and only works if you create every version in advance and don’t want to optimise the campaign messaging or add new data. With Yepic you can create clips on demand and respond to new data.

Why are you better?

Mass Video Personalisation is expensive, slow and complex. To create video you need actors, studios, film crews and editing tools. Most Dynamic video tools only allow you to insert text and pre-made videos, but with Yepic everything is generated to your specification.