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One API for every video workflow

Yepic’s easy-to-use API provides a seamless integration for AI avatars and video presenters to scale videos to anyone, anywhere.

Connect to customers in over 70 languages with royalty free digital actors that are available 24/7 and who put your brand firmly at the heart of every message.

Who is this for?

Segment audiences, localise your content and access new markets with AI
video avatars that drive connection, engagement and loyalty

Feature Rich

Give your users the capability to create, edit and personalise
AI generated videos within your solution.


Can be white-labeled as part of your product

Fast Render

Fastest production speeds in the market


Choose from over 400+ voices in 100+ languages and dialects

Cost Effective Alternative

Enjoy wholesale pricing & competitive production costs

Hyper Scalable

Generate 1000's of videos in just a few clicks

Live Previews

Fast render low res previews

Reliable Uptime

Market leading server and GPU partners

Audio Design

Thousands of royalty-freeAI generated tracks

Dynamic Layering

Output transparent video files and layer them anywhere

Best In Class Support

Responsive customer support for your queries

Video Hosting

All Enterprise plans include commercial licences

Royalty Free Licensing

We can host your videos and audio for free

Automation infrastructure for every use case

Use our API to train employees, onboard customers
and share knowledge at scale.

Learning Programmes

Create and update educational content

Sales & Marketing

Drive engagement and increase eye balls

Product Demos

Explain complex systems & processes


Localise and align audience segments


Transform company reports and updates

Employees & HR

Connect remote and distributed teams

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