Where are the mission to help the world communicate more effectively and creatively through interactive video


We make video more personalised and our patented software is for private use by trusted clients. All synthesised media which Yepic produces undertakes a strict screening process.


The term "deepfake" encompasses a wide range of AI-generated content. While we stand firmly against misinformation, we recognize the artistic and expressive potential of AI-generated characters and satire. In light of this, we're currently piloting an exception for AI-generated images that are created for artistic and expressive purposes. We reserve the right to change this at any time. Yepic does not allow the generation of political figures using publicly available images except for research purposes.


Yepic is aware it has a responsibility which should be reflected in company policy. AI and other deep technologies need to be built with ethics front of mind.


Yepic is committed to education around synthetic media and actively working with the broader ecosystem to develop best practice.

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