#RoyalAIness Invites You To Celebrate Platinum Jubilee

February 2, 2024
June 03, 2022
Yepic AI and Her Royal AIness invite you to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Her #RoyalAIness Invite You To Celebrate The Queen’s #PlatinumJubilee

It is not everyday you are invited to tea by the Queen..

This weekend marks the Queen's (old lady in the UK that people love or hate) 7th decade on the throne with millions of people across the world out celebrating Her Majesty’s #PlatinumJubilee.

From pageants, processions and palace balconies, to street parties, bunting and afternoon tea, it promises to be a jubilee like no other. Over 60,000 people have registered to host official lunches over the weekend, including a world record attempt for the longest street party. 

Yepic.ai, a video messaging startup based in London, UK, are celebrating the #PlatinumJubilee with a #RoyalAIness campaign to announce the launch of our new AI Generated Avatar Studio.

Anyone can send employees, friends and family a Royal Invite for afternoon tea from Her #RoyalAIness - an AI avatar of Queen Elizabeth II - or for any one of the many events happening globally to Celebrate the #PlatinumJubilee.

Instant v AI Generated Avatars

Co-Founder, Aaron Jones, explains how the Yepic team came up with the campaign,

We were discussing at a team meeting how we could use influencers to launch our AI Generated Avatar Studio and a team member joked ‘What about the Queen - she is the largest influencer?’ Before we knew it, Her #RoyalAIness was born and the team went to work to create the campaign.

Yepic.ai, an award winning video messaging platform based in London, is launching its new AI Generated Avatar Studio in the coming weeks which allows any person or brand to create their own avatar and customize features such as skin, eyes, hair and emotional state.

It is an extension of Yepic’s Instant Avatars, where talking photos such as her #RoyalAIness can be customised to send messages without the need for actors, cameras or post production.

Once you have created your own Avatar, it is simple to create personalised video messages. Simply paste or type your script, hit the create button and your video is sent for you to share on social media and across your online channels.

Videos are being used for chatbots, welcome videos, meeting follow ups across sales, training, marketing and more in over 40 languages. It is easy to customise backgrounds and voiceovers whilst the Yepic API can plug into any CRM for you to create automated personalisation video campaigns to a global audience at scale.

Aaron continues,

Her #Royal AIness showcases how Yepic technology can create personalised video campaigns from a photo in just seconds. When you add our multi language capabilities you very quickly get a powerful video messaging tool that transforms the way you communicate.

Asynchronous video is a growing communication technology and Her #RoyalAINess campaign which we announced on Product Hunt is a fun tool designed to grab people's attention,  showcase Yepic Studio’s AI capabilities and to celebrate how the Queen and #PlatinumJubilee will be remembered for the next 70 years.