The Oman Government Uses Yepic AI to Stream AI Avatars to the Nation

January 31, 2024
Case Studies
A woman in a hijab next to a map of Oman

At Yepic AI, our involvement in the 2024 Shura elections in Oman was a groundbreaking venture that demonstrated the incredible potential of generative AI in the realm of public communication. Partnering with the Oman government, we embarked on a mission to bring a new dimension to how election results are presented to the public. Our technology enabled the creation of AI avatars, each mirroring the diverse facets of the Omani community, thereby ensuring that the election results resonated with every citizen.

"Our collaboration with Oman showcases the transformative impact of AI in redefining public engagement," said Aaron Jones, Co-founder and CEO of Yepic AI. "This project was a significant stride in our journey to revolutionise how information is communicated."

What set this project apart was not just the use of AI but the scale and speed at which we operated. Producing over 10,000 high-quality, multilingual videos in a single day was a monumental achievement, showcasing the efficiency and scalability of our AI technology. This endeavor was a testament to our commitment to harnessing AI for the greater good, making information not only more accessible but also more engaging.

The initiative went beyond technology; it was about fostering a more informed and engaged citizenry. By delivering real-time updates in multiple languages, we helped bridge communication gaps, ensuring that every citizen, regardless of language or region, had immediate access to vital election information. This approach aligns perfectly with Oman's Vision 2040, which emphasizes a forward-thinking, digitally empowered society.

Our experience in Oman has set a new benchmark for how governments and organizations can leverage AI for public communication. It highlights the endless possibilities that AI holds in enhancing civic participation and transforming digital interaction. As Yepic AI continues to explore the frontiers of AI in communication, we remain committed to innovating and delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients and their audiences.

Looking forward, this successful application of our technology in the Oman elections has opened new avenues for us to explore. We are excited about the future collaborations and opportunities that lie ahead, as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible with AI in the realm of public service and beyond.