Yepic Wins OVHcloud “Best Scaleup of the Year 2021”

February 2, 2024
June 15, 2022
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Yepic AI: “Best Scaleup of the Year 2021”

We’re delighted that Yepic AI has been named “Best Scaleup of the Year 2021” by OVHcloud. The signal of confidence by a €3.5bn global cloud infrastructure corporation is the latest sign that our small team is making some big waves. 

Yepic was launched less than 10 months ago, but having spent time growing our team, building our technology and, most importantly, looking after our customers, we’ve been able to create a growing business that is approaching 5,000 users today.

OVHcloud Engage

The first edition of the event to take place in the UK, OVHcloud Engage was an afternoon conference dedicated to members of the OVHcloud ecosystem from their Open Trusted Cloud, Startup, Partner and Marketplace programmes to come together and collaboratively discuss the cloud of tomorrow.

During the event, OVHcloud presented its roadmap of upcoming products and solutions which were hosted between networking and questions/answers sessions with the audience.

After a packed afternoon the evening, activities kicked off on the terrace with spectacular views overlooking the Tower of London with the OVHcloud awards ceremony for Best Startup, Best Marketplace and Best Partner for 2021.

Aaron, our co-founder who accepted the award for best startup on behalf of the Yepic team, was thrilled:

“OVHcloud have been extremely supportive of ourselves and all the other startups which were acknowledged today through the awards programme. The award is really testament to all the videos the Yepic team have made for our customers over the last year”

Yepic x OVHcloud

While we began using large American cloud service providers, we quickly switched to OVHcloud after being invited to join their start-up programme. As a business which consumes a lot of GPU resources, it's imperative to have an efficient and reliable infrastructure.

Yepic.AI uses around thirty OVHcloud ML Serving GPU instances to provide services for our customers, whilst the Yepic research team are making good use of Jupyter notebooks in managed mode using OVHcloud’s AI Notebooks solution.

The agility and speed of execution of a market leading AI technology stack allows Yepic to bring in new features very quickly: a key asset for a rapidly scaling startup business. It also helps us to produce videos in a timely manner which is a key attribute of Yepic and a promise we have made to our customers and one which we are continually looking to improve.

With the ecosystem support Yepic has received from partners like OVHCloud, we are now back at our desks working towards another award!