Opens Access to API for Private Beta

February 2, 2024
July 15, 2022
Yepic Studio
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Yepic AI is delighted to announce Yepic AI’s API beta release and the latest addition to its Yepic Studio product.

The Yepic API provides the world’s first scalable infrastructure for AI-driven synthetic video creation, automation and processing.

Developers can use Yepic’s API to easily integrate text-to-video into their product offerings and to automate video production processes at scale.

Yepic’s API makes the video production process 100x faster, 99% cheaper, and requires virtually no video or audio production expertise.

Personalisation At Scale

Ideal for video messaging, video marketing and video software companies, the Yepic API allows media creators to personalise videos at scale.

Through the API, businesses can connect to their CRM and create custom messaging for multiple audience segments covering a variety of use cases including e-learning, HR training and client engagement.

This combined with Yepic AI’s multilingual and video dubbing capabilities, where a single video can be repurposed or produced in 50+ languages, provides a capability for companies to internationalise their reach into local markets in a capital efficient manner.

Join Our Private Beta 

Ahead of a full public API release, Yepic AI is inviting business customers who have a video automation use case to join its private beta programme over the next 1-2 months.

The Yepic API provides product managers and developers with direct access to Yepic Studio to turn any text or voiceover into a video in minutes. 

Your business will be able to take advantage of Yepic’s stunning audio (speech plus sound design), access to over 60 Avatars and Talking Photos as well as over 350+ Voices to create the ideal presenter to represent your brand and corporate values online. 

The beta programme is open to a select number of customers and if it is of interest we warmly invite you to contact us via or complete the form below to access Yepic's API and documentation