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Key Features

Adapt your courses to the rapidly changing e-learning sector. Understand how AI-driven videos can transform your course delivery whilst saving you both time and money.

Self Managed Learning

Make self-direction not just an add-on, but a core feature of your learning programmes. Give them the tools to decide when, how and what they learn to increase results.

International Reach

Translate courses into students’ native languages for easier understanding and scale your content to a global audience with just a few lines of code.

Relevant Course Materials

Ensure your content always stays relevant and up to date. Share video templates with team members and easily update scripts and slides for new policies or syllabuses

Yepic Learning Hub

Place learners at the heart of your programme. Join our community, share best practice and speak to our support team to help realise the full benefit of an AI-driven programme

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Yepic’s easy-to-use API provides a seamless integration for AI avatars and video presenters to scale videos to anyone, anywhere.

  • Automate your video workflows
  • Personalise videos with dynamic content
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Yepic Studio

Yepic’s Studio lets anyone make and edit Multilanguage videos in 68 languages without the burden of sourcing actors, studios, cameras and crew. All videos can be edited and instantly translated into 68 languages.

  • Create royalty free videos with our selection of avatars
  • Turn your image into an avatar with our Talking Photo feature
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Don't get lost in translation, let Vid Voice connect the linguistic dots. Vid Voice removes the final barrier to global communication. Whether it’s business, social or live events. With our API any video feed can experienced natively in multiple languages with perfect lip sync.

  • Dynamically Dub video content and live video calls in real time.
  • Understand and speak any language and reach the world
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Highly Rated By Customers

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Danny L
Great for freelancers and website developers

We are a tech start-up and explaining the same stuff over and over is hard, even harder to find someone who can do these videos for low cost, high quality and you have control. We can now easily do product explainer videos on the go.

Amelia De Vries
Great tool for generating rapid explanation videos

If you need to create high-quality human-like videos in a short amount of time while keeping your costs affordable and technical overhead manageable - this is the way to go!

Marco S
Amazing technology.

The UI/UX is simple. I paste my script, choose an avatar, and pick my voice. Yepic generates a video I can use with minimal editing required.

Rueben T.
One word, Amazing.

This product will take away the pressure of recording yourself and doing the voice-over work to let you focus on the content.

Thelma Modebei
The best AI video generation platform you can think of

This software cuts down on the cost and time it takes to make video presentations for Facebook and Instagram. They have a large voice-over library. Lip sync and speech modulation appear to be natural.

Gene W.
Superb AI Video Avatar Tool

Superb AI Video Avatar tool for TTS videos done by a human spokesperson. Huge number of voices available also. Great value and the product is being improved every week so the value of the product improves every single day.

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