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Advanced and Multilingual

From lifelike lip sync to extensive knowledge, our avatars are built and designed to serve your purposes in the most natural way possible.


Our avatars can be plugged into any LLM engine, from ChatGPT to LLAMA, giving them a wealth of knowledge to draw on.


Our avatars’ facial movements and lip sync is the best on the market, and is designed to be fluid and lifelike.


Our avatars speak in 115+ languages and a vast selection of both male and female voices, from first-rate suppliers like Eleven Labs.

Video creator


With Studio you can create professional videos in minutes without the need of actors. Create and personalise videos in +115 languages.

Photo-realistic AI Actors

  • Choose from our library or create your own AI talking photo
  • Whether you need a professional presenter, a friendly spokesperson, or a character out of this world, Yepic Studio has the avatar for you.
  • Industry leading sync technology ensures that your avatar's speech perfectly matches the audio.
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Create your own AI actor

Easily create your own AI actor by uploading a picture of yourself.

  • Create it in minutes. Have an AI version of yourself ready to present videos.
  • Animate any photo.
  • Combine with your own voiceover.
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Diverse Voices, Global Languages

Natural-sounding voices rich in both the intonation and rhythm of the human voice.

  • 600+ voices.
  • 115+ languages and dialects.
  • Providers such as Eleven Labs, Azure, Yandex, IBM, Amazon Polly, and Google.
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Highly customisable

Tailor your videos to your exact specifications. Customisee with stock images, videos, backgrounds, music, transitions between slides, shapes, text, and more. Your video, your way.

  • Extensive library of stock images, videos and music
  • Upload your own assets
  • Create professional videos in minutes
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Compare Yepic Quality Side By Side

Yepic holds a paramount position as an industry forerunner and prominent leader in the sphere of avatar lip sync technology.

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