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A Warm Invitation to AI Artisans, Social Media Influencers, and Anyone with Creative Flair!

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🚀 About the Creator Fund

We're excited to announce the launch of our Creator Fund, an innovative platform aimed at highlighting the skills of creators across all stages, linking them with a wider community, and providing them with the means to generate income through their creations. At Yepic AI, our dedication lies in empowering artists by providing a level playing field for all, irrespective of their current reach or the size of their audience.

⚙️ How does it work?

Participating in the Yepic Creator Fund couldn't be more straightforward – just follow these easy-to-understand instructions:

1. Create a video using Yepic Studio

Your video may explore any topic, provided it features a Yepic AI watermark and is created using Yepic AI's tools. If you prefer to eliminate the Yepic AI watermark, then the video must focus exclusively on Yepic AI.

2. Publish your video

Once your video is ready, distribute it by posting it to any social media platform.

3. Get paid based on views

The more views you gather, the more you'll earn! When you're satisfied with the number of views your video has received, complete our application form to receive your earnings.

Submit a video

📹 Examples

Not sure what to create? Here are some great examples:


  • Creation Date: Ensure that your video submission is created on or after 15th January, 2024.
  • Yepic AI Focus: Each video must prominently feature Yepic AI in the caption and/or as a mention in the video itself.
  • Language Specification: All submissions should be in English.
  • Originality: Your content must be an original work created by you. Avoid using or replicating content created by others.
  • Submission Limit: Creators are limited to submitting one video per month.
  • Compensation Policy: Compensation for each video submission is a one-time process. Once compensated, the same video cannot be submitted again for additional compensation.

💰 What you get

Minimum Views
$ per 1,000 views
Max Payout
Twitter & LinkedIn
Tiktok & Youtube Shorts
Facebook and Instagram

Content Guidelines

At Yepic, we are committed to maintaining a positive and respectful community. To ensure this, our content guidelines prohibit offensive material, plagiarism, and any content that violates legal or ethical standards.

As a creator, it's essential to adhere to these guidelines, ensuring that your content is both original and respectful. By fostering a safe and inspiring environment, we ensure that content made using Yepic is in line with healthy creativity and expression.

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