Expressive AI-Avatars

Create training videos, personalised marketing and video chatbots with industry leading response times. Sub 500ms coming soon

Trusted By 20,000+ companies

The best interface is face to face


Rule-based chatflows


Large Language Models


Audio-Based Chatbots


Video-Based Chatbots

Emotionally Intelligent Avatars

Will recognise and respond to your emotions to make the experience more Human

Facial recognition

Facial expressions tracked in Real-Time. Accurate emotion tags will be used to adjust the conversation.

Contextual answer

Our plan is to give our Video Agents the autonomy to adjust conversations based on how the user is feeling.

Interact Intelligently in Any Language

From lifelike lip sync to extensive knowledge, our Video Agents are designed to make natural human conversations.


Our Video Agents use Chat GPT 3.5, 4 and 4o, with support for uploading documents and more LLMs coming in the future.


Our Avatar animation is updated all the time, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.


We have 120+ languages available in various dialects, from all the best digital voice providers.

Deploy in Your Industry

Education & Training

AI Educators for your L&D courses. Teach, Tutor, Train.

Torso of a young man with short brown hair

Health & Fitness

Make a Video Agent to help push your clients. Personal Training, Life Coaching, whatever you need.

Customer Support

Tailored Video Agents that know exactly how to help your customers.

Developer Friendly

An extensive AI video toolkit built for developers.

Research Backed Projects

Yepic AI's products are the result of extensive research and constant innovation.

Video Dubbing is our patented Lip Sync/Dubbing software for multilingual video customisation.

Avatar Animation

Advanced AI Animation from large training models for the best possible sync in the shortest possible time.


Developer friendly access to our software to allow you to create what you want with our tools.

Case Studies

See how Yepic already delivers value for large enterprises.

Chicago Transport Authority

An extensive Studio project across the transport network of Chicago.

Government of Oman

Video generation project for the Government of Oman for election results.