The Face-to-Face Interface

Transforming human-AI interaction with real-time avatars.

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The best interface is face to face

Old way

Rule-based chatflows

Clever chatbots

LLMs based

Chatbots with voice


Chatbots with Video


Emotionally Intelligent Avatars

Able to recognise and respond to your emotions while you interact.

Facial recognition

Facial emotion recognition technology uses advanced algorithms to analyze facial expressions in real-time. By identifying key features, it interprets emotions during video interactions and integrates this data into transcriptions.

Contextual answer

Facial recognition enables tailored responses, creating a more engaging and personalised experience. For instance, recognising a smile might prompt the system to offer content or interactions aligned with a positive mood.

Advanced and Multilingual

From lifelike lip sync to extensive knowledge, our avatars are built and designed to serve your purposes in the most natural way possible.


Our avatars can be plugged into any LLM engine, from ChatGPT to LLAMA, giving them a wealth of knowledge to draw on.


Our avatars’ facial movements and lip sync is the best on the market, and is designed to be fluid and lifelike.


Our avatars speak in 115+ languages and a vast selection of both male and female voices, from first-rate suppliers like Eleven Labs.

Multi-Purpose and Multi-Talented

Education & Training

Create an AI tutor or instructor with our API, Studio, or Video Agents with encyclopedic knowledge and an engaging human interface.

Torso of a young man with short brown hair

Health & Fitness

With our AI interface, you can provide clients with emotive and engaging life coaching, counselling, nutritional advice, or personal training.

Customer Support

Leave behind the era of stale, text-only chatbots by giving your customers an emotional, omniscient being that can cater to their every need.

Developer Friendly

An extensive AI video toolkit built for developers.

Built on Research Excellence

Yepic develops and deploys state of the art technologies and is a world leader in real time video generation.

Video Dubbing

Developing, a patented algorithm for real-time AI-generated video dubbing, focusing on interactive videos with customizable avatars.

AI-Human Interaction

Enhancing digital communication by capturing human emotions and gestures, and improving real-time AI response.

AI Ecosystem

Comprehensive and user-friendly, providing clear guidance and support to seamlessly integrate our AI video technology into your systems and maximize its potential.

Digital Actor Dataset

Constructing a 16 TB video dataset, crucial for training AI models.

3D Reconstruction

Advancing in 3D reconstruction from 2D images or videos, useful in multiple industries.


Photo Animation

Developing an ultra-efficient photo animation model, the smallest and most advanced, requiring minimal VRAM.

Case Studies

See how Yepic already delivers value for large enterprises.

Chicago Transport Authority

An extensive Studio project involving the roll-out of hundreds of minutes of video across the transport network of Chicago.

Government of Oman

We generated 400 videos every two minutes for the Government of Oman to broadcast the results of their election campaign.